Hey Bra!*

I’m Golibe and I’ll like to say, first of all, welcome to my blog THE CHIC STREET LAWYER (*TCSL). I’m excited that you are here, that you want to learn more about me and my little online space. Honestly, it means a lot to me, thank you! So here goes the introduction;

The Chic Street Lawyer is a fashion, college and self-expressive lifestyle blog created to share my love for fashion, my personal style, life as a young girl just learning to love herself and my life in two Nigerian cities that do not get enough online credit (Uyo and Port Harcourt, Nigeria). This online platform is also here to share with you my life’s growing process and all its wonderful and annoying moments.

My mind is quite broad so my topics are a little diversified. I put them in categories for easy understanding and navigation. Here are the categories explained;

FASHION: Owning my style has been something I’m struggling with as I’m someone people will tag an eccentric dresser so take solace in coming here to document my personal style, my OOTDs (that is, if I’m not too busy being a law student), my love for thrifted pieces as well as some other things I’m learning as a fashion student.

COLLEGE LIFE: On here, I’m document experiences from my undergraduate life. This may include tips or just regular stories.

LIFESTYLE: In this category, everything and just about anything that I know can help will be here. Reports on events, life recaps, and all. The best thing is that in every post that goes out, there’ll be something to learn.

DIARY: I’m guessing you probably know at this point that I like to talk and share a couple things about myself. So, yeah, this is my online diary. Here you’ll find stories you can relate to and hopefully learn from.

BLOGGING: As a content creator, blogging is something you learn as you go, so here, I’ll be sharing tips I learn that would be of benefit to other bloggers at some point and also talk about my blogging journey generally.

BEAUTY: Although I’m not an avid skincare person, I hope to learn to take good care of my skin so I could look peng to my skin even as I do in my clothes. Here, I’ll be sharing the little I do before I become a pro.


My blog is the medium through which I share the wonderful experience of life and its many lessons with you but here are the things I aim to do with every post I share here;

  • To help people that may be in situations that I have scaled through or that are currently in the same phase as I am.
  • To build a fashion blog that helps people like me – people that their body type is not given enough internet consideration to grow together with me and understand their style.
  • To grow and understand my personal style.
  • To start my journey of self-discovery while striving to get to a phase where I’ll love myself (body and all) without looking back.
  • To build a blog helping young people form a more healthy opinion about their body and source of self-esteem.
  • To have a safe haven of contents that might make someone feel better about themselves even if it’s for a day.

If you love fashion, have an unfixed style and personality and you also love to write and/or read about random opinions either on style, life, etc. You are home then! Through this blog, I hope you finally find the confidence to discover YOU and own it in every possible way.


  • My name is Golibe (my second name actually… I had a love/hate relationship with this name but I think the ‘love’ covers it now).
  • I’m a fashion enthusiast, inspired by uniqueness and I love people who have a sense of individuality, who stand out in a crowd.
  • I also love writing although I feel I can’t write well (On this note, I refer to myself as a writer without a gift).
  • I school in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state; live in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State and I’m from Ogidi in Anambra State, (all in Nigeria).
  • And yes I’m a lawyer in equity (a law student)

Yay! If you’ve got to this point, you are a real gee. THANK YOU! My blog means a lot to me, so considering most of my posts are based on personal experiences I will try to be as honest as I can.

There are so many things to know about me which you would find out in the nearest future. I hope we connect as you keep viewing and sharing your thoughts in the comment box and via email. Once again, I love you and I’m pleased you are here! I genuinely appreciate you!!

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*Bra is my blog readers aficionado😊

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was just walking past on the year eve when a bosom friend that I am in intense love with introduced me to this platform. Sure I am wowed and wish you a great sail. (I remain the one who was inspired to make the name possible)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwn… Thank you Madame Athy. It’s a beautiful feeling to read words like this. I’m really happy you visited and left me this comment. Thank you very much. I hope you feel the same way all the time. ♥❤


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