**Disclaimer: This may sound like a critics view but it's not. Trust me. I attended my first Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) dinner on Friday. The Law Dinner is fundamental in every Nigerian University where law students are present as it's a prerequisite for earning your bar title after law school. The event is … Continue reading EVENT REPORT: LAWSAN DINNER 2018


Random Thoughts||Pre-birthday Depression

"Every year without fail, around about mid-May, the air around me becomes distorted, unbalanced, distasteful. Things are not themselves. My life feels up for grabs. It’s a strange feeling, as if the future had been concertina-d and was being thrown at me. The reason? My birthday looms". 

Thrifting|| Basic Things to Know X Styling Thrifted Pieces

Thrifting or second hand shopping (a.k.a okrika bend-down-select) is the act of purchasing new or fairly and gently used second hand items which are especially clothing items and are a lot cheaper than when bought brand new. The act of purchasing second hand items, Thrifting has now become the new deal. It's totally a cool … Continue reading Thrifting|| Basic Things to Know X Styling Thrifted Pieces