Out and About||Uyo Living; Late Grubs at O4grill


During the just concluded holidays, I had to rethink my life and the fact that if not for the Covid-19, this year may have been my last year in Uyo and I definitely had not lived up to showing Uyo off like I planned on my blog goals. And being someone that enjoys her own company the most as well as being a couch potato, it takes more than just planning to make that happen.

Also had a rethink on my blog and why I was loosing excitement to post on it (the main answer was that I lost most of my readers from WhatsApp cos I failed to carry my email subscription on my head and the second was because my life had a precise routine, no new activities or events, just me either at home or in school).

I also noticed my Uyo living/ lifestyle posts gets more viewership so I said to myself, “Why not, let’s go out more and live a more content-filled life so I wouldn’t be a putting up blogable stories”. This prompted my search for Uyo pretty spaces, restaurants in uyo and all of that and unlike two years ago, the IG hashtags brought up a restaurant that had an aesthetic ambience and I really wanted to visit.



Started a WhatsApp group with my guys; Chinny, Atulobi and Calix (I call us Ajalas) where we plan to go to a new place and review our experience either in blog or vlogs. This restaurant seemed really digitally upgraded cos they had a social media page that showed the important things people would look out for; like their food, menu card, their space and I loved it.The best of places in Uyo really do not know what Instagram is about (and this is the truth) so when I found a place that made me feel proud, I thought I was in safe hands, little did we know…

**Wanted to just make a review of the place but…I might have to call it an entire experience. So, let’s dig in!**

The Ajalas planned to leave school by 1pm, and I got there some minutes to the time but seeing how good my girls looked, (Chinny and Atulobi) looked, I felt like going back home to get my mules (shoes) which I left behind on second thoughts cos I didn’t want to appear overly dressed for a small friends hangout like this…let’s have a minute silence for my kind heart cos it was shattered when I got to see their athleisure outfits. Anyways, I was convinced against going back for my mules and we ordered a bolt ride to the restaurant.

The ride cost N600 from the Theatre Arts Dept. Uniuyo Annex to O4 Grill, the restaurant and we bonded with the driver really fast over where his wife was from (Abia state) which got my girls cheering like they’ve won the lottery (they’re both Abians too).

O4 Grill (Oh-four) is located at Uruan street by Nwaniba Rd. By the time the ride ended I derived my first impression; the place looked more like a shop than a restaurant so let’s call it an eat-out for the purpose of today’s story.


There was a ‘no mask, no entry’ notice on the sliding glass doors and whilst trying to get out our masks, someone who I believe is the manager told us to come in anyways and then welcomed us. On entering the grill, each and every one of us was hit with the what-i-ordered vs. what-i-got realization cos pictures of their space on IG told a ‘bigger story’. (Though, somewhere in my kind heart, I have to give it to the owner of the spot for making good use of his tiny space).

From their IG pictures with which we planned our outing, the grill had two different sitting areas but in reality, it was just a room with two different designs on the opposite walls and a little space in between to pass through. It had two tables and two chairs each against a hanging fern wall prop and a couple stools under a high tables installed on the opposite wall. I even expected an actual grill outdoor sit-out or something. Once again, I applaud whoever took those their gram pictures.


Related: Tap link to see pictures of the O4grill interior

Speaking of the gram, I spoke to the manager as to why their IG page has not been updated for almost a year and why the only contact number they listed was switched off cos I tried calling them days before to ensure that the place still existed. After apologizing, he let me know that the IG page was run by his boss and he lost access to it at some point.

So, we were the only ones hanging out there which meant an express space for picture taking and content creation. The soft music booming from the speaker made the grill feel groovy as I was already singing along and goofy dancing whilst my girls had started vlogging. The manager asked to take our orders and we asked for a minute to call Calix, one of the four Ajalas who had not gotten to the grill yet to ask him if we could order our food in his absence or if we should wait for him, then we called the manager to give him our order cos we’ve been given a go ahead order by Calix.

We were given a menu earlier which we didn’t pay attention to until then and we just realized that the prices on the menu were higher than they were on their online menu card. However, nobody got too worked up cos it was only about 500naira or so extra and we were just about eating the meal we planned to get.

We were then informed that more than half the items on their menu were unavailable and so everyone had to order basically the same thing (which was a terrible idea now I’m thinking of it.) In a somewhat snack shop, there was only Chicken&chips, sharwama, pancakes and waffles available with no toppings/sides other than scrambled eggs; and only maple syrup was available, no whipped cream. The only drink available was Chapman.

This was an outright diversion of our plans and if I knew better like I do now, I would have left the place and not settle for more disappointments. Anyways, I did settle so let’s continue my story. We had planned to order an array of options so we could have varieties that everyone would eat a portion of and give an extremely decent review. I ordered for waffles, scrambled eggs and maple syrup, Chinny and Atulobi both went for pancakes, scrambled eggs and maple syrup cos like I said, there were no other options. The manager excused himself to make preparation for our snacks.


For snacks, the wait period was extremely long and excruciating. We had waited one hour plus and our meal was not served yet and not even the picture taking spree could mask our feelings, we just wanted to eat and go home.

Calix joined us past 2pm to find out that we still hadn’t received our orders and mourned with us. He decided to take a drink only instead of going through the same fate but was surprised to hear that water, fanta, sprite and non -alcoholic Chapman were the only available drinks so he went for Chapman. He also shared in the size of the space dismay jinx and just like the last time, I was proud of my choice in friends.

The light went out at some point robbing the place of the little glow it had. Now my tired was tired and I could see myself in my mind eye walking out of the place with my money intact after taking a year’s worth of pictures but I didn’t voice out my thoughts. It took close to 30mins since Calix’s arrival for one of the workers to serve Atulobi burnt pancakes (it tasted good though but I think they did the absolute worst in their food presentation, like why would you keep the burnt pancakes up?)

The meals were packed in takeaway plates covered with food nylon so I had to ask if they packaged their food this way normally or if they thought we’ll be taking it away. And it was the norm. Minutes later my waffles came in biscuit hard=burnt. It was my first time having waffles but I knew for a fact that this was terrible. When it was served, I actually thought it was a chocolate waffle cos of the colour but I was soooo wrong cos it smelt burnt. My girls were really pumped about eating my waffles so I was being urged to taste it before they did. I went to request for a bowl of water cos there was no way in heaven I was going to use a serviette on maple-syrup stained waffles. It is worth mentioning that the grill space had no tap, no sink and no restroom and bringing the bowl took an extra ten minutes.

Settled for eating scrambled eggs with my disposable fork until the water bowl came and at this point, we all got to taste the waffle and once again, the ‘trashity’ was mutual as my girls thanked their luck for choosing pancakes instead. I was served two waffle pieces cut in halves for N2000 and I was unable to finish two cos of how it tasted, at that point I wished I ordered my regular chips and chicken but maybe, just maybe, it would have been a mess here too. My scrambled eggs were the nicest things I ate there and it showed from the way I ate it all up. I rate it an 8.

Calix also received his Chapman which he was not fascinated about but he ordered same for the rest of us since that was the only drink available. My honest opinion was that it tasted like watered down communion wine. I know, it was not decent at all.


Myself and Atulobi had almost finished eating before Chinny was served her pancakes. Please a minute of silence for the non-chalance of the service people at O4grill. Thank you very much! Hers came in more portions maybe as compensation for late service but it didn’t taste as good as those of Atulobi. It was also worthy of note that our drinks and plates were served by hands and not using trays or serving bowls.

I gave my remaining waffles to Chinny & Atulobi who wanted to take away their leftovers. It was given to the Lady that served us to repack and she put them in branded bags and at that point, a funny scene ensued as the Lady was begging my friends not to takeaway their disposable forks. Like, what in the ghetto are you doing re-using disposable forks?!!! I had to tell my girls in her presence to carry not only their forks but their Chapman cups, straws, syrup cups and even the serviette rack if need be as compensation for my terrible food and for their absolutely terrible service. (Don’t think they did though… Lol)

The manager resurfaced to give me a bill and while at it, I made sure to let him know that they surpassed all my earlier disappointments by serving me burnt, tasteless and expensive cabin biscuits in the name of waffles. He briefly apologized claiming that he stepped out for a bit and so could not oversee or manage the food served. He said he’ll make inquiries and get back to me although he did not specify whether it would be online or at my school cos that was the last I saw him before we left.


As at the time we were about leaving, it was already past 4pm (and they were just having their second customers for the day), Atulobi wanted to order for a Bolt Car ride but I disagreed and we went for a Bolt Keke instead to commemorate our sad, messy first experience as Ajalas. We had loud laughs all the way home majorly at me cos I spent the most money and still ate terrible, burnt waffles.

Here’s a breakdown of what we ordered in case this story is not for you and you still want your first hand experience;

Waffles= N2000 (Ordered by 1 person)

Pancakes =N1500 (Ordered by 2)

Scrambled eggs =N300 (Ordered by 3)

Maple syrup =N300 (Ordered by 3)

Chapman =N300 (Ordered by 4 persons)

All together our total bill was N8000.

Final verdict; I’ll definitely not be visiting again. Thank you, God bless you!

Have you ever heard of O4grill before now? Ever visited? What was your experience like?


My outfit was planned in my head as usual and unlike the norms of having the outfit idea while having my bath in preparation for the event, I thought this up the night to the event and when I wore it, I loved it. This outfit is made of two dresses. A black spandex gown which I’m wearing as a blouse and a wrap dress which I’m wearing as a skirt. I love the laid back but chic look the entire outfit had and I sealed the rich sis vibes with my Pearl hair barrette and my mum’s 90’s shoulder bag. I don’t play with my accessories during events so I toned down with a silver/metallic vibe. An entire vibe!


  • Uyo, the capital of Akwa-Ibom state Nigeria where my university is situated at.
  • Blog, a written documentation of one’s experiences.
  • Vlog, video version of a blog.
  • Bolt, a form of Uber in Nigeria
  • Keke, Nigerian word for a tricycle, a means of transportation.
Thankfully, O4 grill did not put us off restaurant hunting as we will be visiting another this month. Put us in your prayers pls, thanks dears. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and see you in my next one.

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17 thoughts on “Out and About||Uyo Living; Late Grubs at O4grill”

  1. First of all,I can’t wait for Atulobi to kill you for using her surname instead Amy😅😅
    After reading this review,I kept laughing but that day wasn’t funny at all.

    Your pictures are dope BTW

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 😂😂😂😂
      Thankfully I’m still alive to type this reply so that means a lot. It wasn’t a funny experience abeg, wondered why you were really diplomatic in your blogpost, I’ve fired them for you😂😂
      Thanks again for reading❤


  2. Wow! This is a great review…thanks for enlightening me about 0-Four Grill.
    I love the Ajalas, you guys are doing great in giving people an insight on things most persons don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol!!! It’s Amy!!!! Not everyone should know the surname.
    And this is one of the best things I have read in a long time. I couldn’t stop laughing!
    The fact you wanted to leave without eating the food is cracking me up 😅🤣😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am new to Uyo. On my way from work yesterday I saw this O4 Grill along the road. I told myself that I’d like to try it out but apparently, there won’t be any need for that. Thank you for the review! I am eager to make new friends in this city, and yeahh your outfit is very chic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiiiii. Welcome to Uyo and to my blog too😊 Awwwwnnn…I’m really sorry that this ruined it for you😭😭, I honestly wish this was a great review, they’d have gained a customer😥

      Anyways, I hope you’ve been having good experiences so far in Uyo and this doesn’t mar it for you? About the new friends thing, you can reach out to me via email, I’m open to having new friends😚

      Thank you also for the compliment on my outfit too😘😘 and I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me this comment. Hope to see more of you soon😘😘


      1. Well, so far my experience here as been so so. I basically need to explore the city and meet new like-minded people. Your review is super helpful, it has saved me a bad experience. Expect my email soon 😊


  5. This was really an experience. It’s good to know about the reviews. Yes, I like to go out a lot but I hate to meet disappointments. So I’ll plan not to be there but even at that, I wish they (04 Grill) could be informed of the lapses in their business to see if they can improve, cos this review is definitely their loss.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you girl. It’s tiring honestly to have your expectations ruined to absolutely nothing. I hope they see it too and make amends to their services. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me😚


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