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Blazers are becoming my next, best things especially long colorful ones. Ages ago, I felt everything that appears in form of a jacket, suit, etc looked stiff, formal and boring but well, I’m pleased to say blazers and suits are coming in on a whole new dimension; fun colors, cutouts, trendy additions, etc and I’m happy I’m not the only one that caught the bug because an increasing number of women are now seen sporting these.

Tips on styling a blazer, the chic street lawyer, neon blazer

Let me take you guys a little back to my ‘ages ago’. I hated jackets, suits, coats, and everything that looked like it that was not shirts (including hooded sweaters…lol). One of my birthdays, probably at age 8 or 9, my dad bought me a two-piece short-sleeved skirt suit, (I think it was peach and it had silver detailing) and a silver wedge. And although it was a gift, I literally swore the suit would never get close to my body and it never did but I wore my wedges to its ruin.

I was very picky when it came to fashion decisions from the very beginning which kinda made my mum promise never to buy me a suit ever.😂😂I’m sorry ma, suits look really good at the moment though.

The-chic-street-lawyer, tips-on-styling-the-blazer

The craving for something else started from peering into pages of ThisDay Style Magazines much later and there, I saw people pair their jackets with gowns, jeans, shorts etc and bummer, they looked really good. Haa, I didn’t know suit jacket could be worn separately without their sister skirt or trouser and still look good only to realize with time that these were not the regular suits I knew, these were called Blazers.

By my SS1, my mum (forgetting her promise as well as not knowing the difference between both then…lol) bought two blazers for me; A white and a black and my kind sister also passed down hers to me, hers in the colour orange, all of which I’m still wearing till date. Very recently, my friend listened to my very persistent begging whining and gifted me these ones. These beautiful luxury all-my-money long blazers. This is the end of my story…Lmao (please let’s go back to the post).

The-chic-street-lawyer, tips-on-styling-the-blazer-trend

Tips-on-styling-a-long-blazer, why-you-need-a-blazer, identifying-a-perfect-blazer

Outfit Details

||What I’m Wearing||
Yellow Longline Blazers – Gift
Mom Jeans – Gift
Black Tee – Gift
Jewelries – Random buy
Straw bag – Thrift find (N500)
Photography Credit– @i.g CampiqPhotography
Hair: @i.g L’ Rita Hairven

I know like the ‘me’ years ago, a number of people still have a hard time knowing the difference between a SUIT, A BLAZER, and A COAT. So let me leave this little explanation here and I hope it helps, really;

• Blazers are stand-alone jackets, they do not come in a pair. It could also be worn as formal or casual depending on the fabric and print pattern. A blazer does not have to equal workwear and mine is the perfect example.
• A suit is usually more elaborate and usually comes with a combo of either a skirt or a pair of trousers.
•A coat is more of the jacket used in cold weather.

See, very simple right? I thought so too.

How to style a blazer, how to pick the perfect blazer, why you need a blazer

Now about my yellow longline blazer, yellow and other neon colours have been on trend for some time. Yellow power suits actually raised the bar this period so it’s wonderful that I get a chance to join the trend by rocking my yellow blazers. To me, I think longline blazers add more elegance to your outfit as opposed to the regular ones which just help to make your look formal and professional but however this doesn’t mean I no longer like the regular blazers.

My double-breasted blazer ( because it has buttons on both sides) is so le chicc and cute. Wearing it gives me the Bourne Ultimatum and Men in Suit kinda vibe…lol. It is made with very beautiful thick fabric that (I’m not sure of) and although it fits to size, it’s not too tight and entirely formfitting. The length, the color, and the white cuffs were the main deals for me, the length because ‘yo girl ain’t regular’, the color because it’s screaming class, effortless, give-dem whereas the cuff that stops meters away from my wrist is trying to tame the look as in let’s not be too official kinda thing.

For a black all day girl who is beginning to appreciate colours, it’s a very welcome addition to my wardrobe as it can also be easily paired with anything ranging from formal pants, denim as well as evening dresses. Oh, I’m in love!

I choose to pair the blazer with a Black tee, (okay, I’m sorry, I lied, I didn’t choose, I have like 4 black tees and no white ones so it just happened…lol). I love my black Zeel; Massage on Demand tee which was a gift from a friend, my mom jean which one day I’ll come to write an ode about, and my gold set of little-details-make-the-most-noise jewelleries. The hair added to the posh but easygoing kinda vibe I was going for too.

Straw bag trend, Parisian fashion, style must have, must have 2019 bags

Comfort shoes, summer, styling your straw bag, must have bags for 2019

To finish out the look, I went in with a trusty black cut-out shoes (confiscated from another wardrobe) and they looked really fab.

**Asides from the mom jean which the best friend wholeheartedly gave me, all other things were gotten as a result of pestitence persistence and insectitence and more persistence.
So yeah, basically everything in this look was stolen and later became mine or gifted originally, so get you friends that you can steal clothes from without having to hide for your life.

P.S: I’m not such a friend so fleeee!
So you guys that read to the end know my little secret about the ‘gifts’, the rest that’ll probably skip some areas to leave comments well…lol.

Styling Tips

I have like 101 ways of wearing a blazer so let me just leave these three possible inspirations out here;

  1. You could pair a double-breasted blazer, tee and biker short (or basically cut-out jeans)
  2. Blazer, a mini denim skirt, a graffiti t-shirt, a vintage silk scarf, a page boy cap and a socks boot
  3. Blazer, a tailored pair of trousers, a fez cap, a sports bra, and sneakers.

There are extra ways a blazer can be paired to transform a once-regular look to a cool kid look or even a very fancy look and this is just the first look (in a possible lookbook) so get ready to see a look two and if possible a look three. Ciao!

Difference-between-blazer-jacket-suit-and-coat, how-to-find-the-perfect-blazer

Styling the blazer trend, the chic street lawyer

Happy New Month Everyone!!

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Till next timexoxo

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  1. Funny and beautiful story! I love the look! And I wasn’t a lover of “suits” too😊 I love blazers now, and I think they are a must have! I love the color💛 Yellow looks so good on you.


  2. I absolutely loved this outfit!
    I can’t rock the colour yellow the way you did there. I work in a corporate job myself and I always worry that I don’t wear smart suits for women and does it make people respect me less? I would be the same as you where I’ll wear long blazers. But my new favourite outfit of the day which I repeat at least 2x a week is a collared blouse, a culotte and heels. I get complimented on it every time I wear it. Not great for winter though! Haha!


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