Back to school essentials for College/Universities Students

Back to School, college checklist

Thanks to the recently ended ASUU (Academic Staff of Universities Union) strike which you’d probably have heard about in previous posts, most Nigerian university students are currently trying to get themselves together by going shopping for school supplies as well as trying to pack adequately for return to school. I’m a little sad that we’ll soon be leaving behind our fluffy wide-ass beds for six-spring beds, hot water baths for chilly cold water baths and hours of sweet sleep for tiring early morning lectures. It’s unfortunate that while we are still getting started to go back to school, students in Nigerian private universities have almost successfully rounded off a semester… I really wish I could rant about the Nigerian public education but this post is a little more important.

Amongst us preparing are freshers (the newly admitted students) as well as ‘my fellow’ returning students and because everyone needs a packing guide to ensure they are adequately prepared for going back so as not to forget something of immense importance at home, I’m here to offer you my help. Living in a boarding school for six years and in a university far from home for three, this is something I’ve come to do well since all the time I had basically taken the same set of items left for an inclusion of a few.

So today I’m here to provide you help to ensure you buy the essential things you need for school as well as for you to pack fully to regret leaving anything at home (especially for those who live far away from home). Alright?? So let’s dig right in, this list below is a packing guide, it doesn’t mean I take all this items back to the hostel (there’s no even space and besides my school hostel doesn’t allow for all) and it also doesn’t mean you need all to survive in school. It all depends on your monetary capacity, means of transportation to school, whether or not you’ll be able to get that item there as well as how spacious your room is.

FUN FACT: You could actually use this list whenever you are ready to rent a flat or to move into your personal house, LOL, it’s that comprehensive, I mean, what did I miss?


• Pillows and Pillowcases
• Bed sheets
• Blankets
• Mattress or bed foam (Most times the school provides for it in cases of school hostels)
• Mattress cover
• Mosquito net
• Wrappers or covering clothes (I prefer taking two, I use on for covering before sleeping and the other as a substitute to my body towel)


• Sleeping clothes
• Lecture clothes (very important for me that wears uniforms to class)
• After lecture casual wears ( House wears)
• Outing outfits
• Sleeping socks
• Underwear
• Scarf
• Tote bags ( You could find pretty and affordable ones from my shop @STREET.TOTE)
• Sneakers or running shoes
• Backpacks
• Shoes (heels, flats and sandals)
• Slippers
• Socks
• Sunglasses/ Glass case
• Cardigans/ sweaters
• T-shirts
• Belts

• Hats

• Jewelleries

• Head warmers


• Towels (face and body)
• Bathing soap/body wash
• Shower curtain
• Tissue papers
• Deodorant/ anti-perspirant
• Cologne/ body spray
• Hand sanitizer
• Sanitary pads/ tampons
• Sponge
• Shower bag/basket
• Face wash

• Pumice stone/foot brush
• Mouthwash
• Moisturizer
• Hair oil/ cream
• Hair gel
• Hair dryer
• Hairspray
• Lip balm
• Nail cutter & Files
• Makeup
• Makeup remover
• Mouthwash
• Hair removal cream/shaving sticks
• Cotton wool
• Razor blades
• Shampoo and conditioner
• Q-tips
• Soap dish & water scoop bowl
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Body cream
• Vaseline
• Bathroom slippers

• Comb & hairbrush

• Shower curtain


• Laundry basket
• Detergent
• Washing soap
• Bleach
• Starch
• Ink
• Drying rack
• Pressing Iron/ Ironing board
• Cloth hangers
• Air freshener
• Dustbin & Dustpan
• Broom
• Mops
• Toilet brush
• Toilet cleaner (Harpic)
• Scrubbing brush
• Buckets
• Water jerry can
• Carpet/ rug
• Scissors
• Curtain & curtain rods
• Small sewing kit (buttons, needles, safety pins, thread)
• Disinfectants/ Antiseptics
• Wall clock
• Small mirror
• Standing fans
• Umbrella
• Cleaning rags
• Room decorations

• Old newspapers/posters – youll probably need to layer flat surfaces before packing or piling in items

• Camphor balls

• Polish & Polish sapplier

• Photoframes

• Mini toolkit – probably containing a hammer, nails and a screwdriver

• Spare lightbulbs


• Phone
• Phone charger
• Laptop
• Laptop bag
• Laptop charger
• Extension box
• External speakers
• Power-bank
• Earpiece
• Radio


• A4 paper (and probably a printer)
• Files
• Stapler
• Calculator
• Notebooks
• Flash drive
• Reading desk & Chair
• Ruler
• Diary/Planner
• Scissors
• Paper clips
• Envelopes
• Markers & Highlighters
• Pens
• Pencils
• Sticky notes
• Bible
• Torch/Desk lamp (& batteries)
• Textbooks
• Cello tape
• External hard drive
• Correction pen
• Alarm clock
• Rubber band
• Wall calendar
• Hole puncher

• Dictionary

• Rubber bands

• Key holder


• Boxes
• Mobile cupboards ( Preferably made with wood or plastic and should include locks)
• Bedside refrigerator
• Disposable plastic plates
• Shoe rack
• Luggage bags/travel bags/Ghana must go

• Storage bin – for things which don’t fit anywhere else


This depends on if you are going self catering in your rooms or flats. In my school hostel, we are not allowed to cook so this part of the list is not for me.
• Plates (preferably plastics and ceramics)
• Cutlery
• Drinking cups
• Pots
• Frying pan
• Kettle
• Storage plates/bowls
• Bowls
• Matches stick
• Electric Water kettle or boiler
• Ziploc bags
• Bottle opener
• Chopping knife
• Chopping board
• Dish sponge
• Tray
• Pen knife
• Mini cooker or stove
• Matches box
• Plate racks
• Dish towel
• Mini/bedside fridge
• Cups/Jugs
• Washing up liquid (mama lemon)
• Snacks & beverages
• Foodstuff/Groceries (yam, palm oil, beans)

• Water bottle/ drinking can

• Tin cutter

• Hot water flask

• Bottle opener

* You could probably team up with your room mates on things like pots, kettles etc.


• Antiseptic wipes
• Lozenges
• Insect repellent
• Bandages
• Prescription medicine (if any)
• Robb
• Paracetamol

For the new intakes/freshers/recently admitted, there are hundreds of things you probably might want to take to the university but these are probably the most important;

• University admission letter and other requirements
• Medical results
• Passport photos
• ATM Card
• Small safe
• Piggy box

University, living on campus checklist, college life, back to school shopping guide

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This is a reflection of most of the things I take to school and you definitely don’t need to follow it verbatim, it’s just to serve as a guide.

So let me know what it is here that you take along all the time unfailingly and there’s anything I failed to include in the list, leave them in the comments .

Thanks for reading.

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