How To Liven a Law Student’s Wardrobe

Hi guys, Welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post, and I’ve been stalling updating this for a while… But see, I am doing it and you are reading this so thanks.

When I first asked about how this topic looked, I got four reactions;

  • “Liven ke…do law students even have a wardrobe?”
  • “How can you even liven what is already dead?”
  • “Black skirt and white shirt,can anything good come out of it?”
  • “Lol…leave slay for other people. There’s nothing like spice for law students.

And my response, ” Yes, sure there is spice and I’ll show you how.” Stay with me.

For the Guys

Here are tips for the slaying guys to add spice to their regular outfit;

  1. Invest in good quality ties.

  2. Your shoes should be it – You don’t expect to wear pants and an almost dead canvas and look serious… Can’t work, Nehh.

  3. Collar pins, brooches, lapels are so in. It makes you exude the class you desperately seek(😒😒). We wouldn’t mind a sexy, polished and manly looking brooch, would we? Nah.


4. Briefcases??? Need not say much

5. Sleek wristwatches and good belts make a classy man.

6. Boys/Men/Guys, your pants (trousers) should fit. Endeavour to find the perfect size, not too big or too tight (please no one wants to see your junk) and definitely, no jumping trousers.


A spicy male!

For the Ladies

Like we all know, women take more time to slay than our counterparts (this needs to be fixed though), so this should be a lot easy. The following has to work for you to slay;

  1. Hair: Due to this professional course we’ve chosen to study, we are not allowed to showcase out inner hair madness. In a school where hair colour close to that of your natural hair e.g brown,dark red is allowed, you have more chances to explore. But in a school like mine, where only black hair is allowed (dark skinned or not), it’s usually not seen as easy to work with.

But no, there are a thousand and one hair inspirations waiting for you to try out and you should, go find them! From curly wigs, to straight weaves, to crotchet braids, and back to box braids, as well as the almighty all knowing Brazilian wool, there are so many options for you. Rock the hell outta black hair!

2. Shoes: Ladies really don’t dull in this aspect and I give them that one, but just in case you were too busy to find out that your uniform being corporate does not necessarily mean that your shoes should be. That is what this post is about. Adding spice to outfit means leaving our regular style and going for something that gives you the cool kid status. Edgy shoes are so in. Wearing sneakers and other evil looking shoes to class should be frowned upon seriously. Retro shoes or vintage loafers turn any outfit to fab. Look good to your shoes and it shall be well with you. Amen!



You can also try the Socks in Shoe trend as this will go very well with our uniform.


3. Collar chains,brooches,lapels: These little beauties usually taken for granted add another level of oomph to either your white shirt or your jacket. Brooches should be little and classy that way, you would look like a million bucks in your everyday suits. Collar chains are so in for girls…like check it out girls, it’s so hot!


4. Bags: Im not really a big fan of flashy coloured bags for a Law Student but if you like it and you feel you can rock it, then please do. I’d rather go for the forever ageless black, grey or dark blue. Something dark and corporate classy… I prefer them to the shouting notice-me pinks, orange, greens that blinds the eyes. Silk scarfs and pom-poms also add cuteness to your bags.


Or you could leave the regular businesslike handbags and go for colourful totes and backpacks.



For Everyone

  • Glasses: My fam; this one is for us, we need to add life into our outfits by ditching the compulsory black or dark brown that makes you look like a serious regular nerdy law student and go for glasses of various patterns,colours and shapes that flatter your face structure as well as your cloth.cf7ebdb4da4161b03233d7f22319e24d.jpg

Slay as much as you want, but if you are forgetting these three, leave that class/event, go home, pick them up and be back;

  1. Poise/Elegance
  2. Manners
  3. Self-control

Lastly, (just saying), slay well on weekends. A lot of people I’ve met feel and believe that a Law student’s wardrobe is drab, well until they met me(…lol). So take your MondayFriday slay to meet the weekend and feel good about yourself; experiment with colours too because in some hours, you would be back to your costume.

Follow all these tips as a guy or lady and thank me later. I’m really looking forward to seeing an improvement in the way we as law students dress. Thank you guys for reading. Do have a splendid week ahead.


I’m not yet a slaying law student, I’m still working on all these things myself, but not to worry, I’ll be soon. So until then, don’t sub me (😂😂).

Till next time… Xoxo

Did you find this post any helpful? I’d love to hear feedbacks. Do feel free to chip in any other thing you think I left out by leaving me a reply. Thanks guys!

25 thoughts on “How To Liven a Law Student’s Wardrobe”

  1. I love it. For grad school, I am looking to go for a MBA/JD degree (which is weird to some and not worth it to others), but is perfect for me. While I am not looking to go into law or politics, I was curious to see what you came up with in this post. I love it! (Though I pray that my law program/school doesn’t force me to dye my hair black. I guess worse things can happen.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is timely and helpful. Was almost going to feel sad that I will lose my fashion sense as I am going in to study Law. Your Blog will also help me constantly look for ways to spice up my daily fashion.


    1. Yayyy…I’m happy too you found me and thanks so much Stephen for leaving this note, I’m pleased to say law wouldn’t make you lose your fashion sense although it might affect it a bit. All the best in your new academic journey. I hope to see more of you😙

      P.S: If you are a girl, you should totally check out mindy_marco on I.g or her blog, she’s a final year law student and the law doesn’t stop her bold and extra fashion.


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