Life and Blog Update; Welcome to 2021

Hello my people,

First off I have to start with an apology cos I signed out with ‘see you soon’ in my last post but its been close to 10 months since then. I’m also really ashamed that my blog is now full of sotty black Port-Harcourt inspired cobwebs.(Allow me to take a minute and clean up before we proceed)

And before we move to the matter at hand, I re-dedicate this blog in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. Amen. Happy new month my bras. How have y’all been doing?

Since I got back from school during the first Covid lockdown, I haven’t got a chance to write and share on here. For some reasons I don’t understand, I write posts that never see the day out of my drafts not sure if its inferiority complex, plain ol’ laziness or just mood swings (Oh I swing moods a lot even for activities; e.g movies may be fascinating for the first two months but not for the next, that’s how I feel about my blog sometimes), because I do not enforce for the stability of my mood, I waited for a while to get my head back in the game but time went by so fast and almost unaccounted for.

For someone like me that’s easily uninspired, I don’t know why I ever thought blogging was easy. It isn’t!! Cos when life gets hard, or school gets tough, the thing that gets affected first is my blog. Just trying to keep it afloat has taken so much but I’m here today thankfully to share a slight-not-so detailed recap of what’s been going on with me. I will do this in a list format just because lists make things easier to read.

  • APRIL-MAY: Thanks to boredom, I took lockdown time to visit all of my favourite blogs and their followers in turn. It was interesting that even when I had felt that blogging was dying out, a lot of new lifestyle blogs with intriguing contents kept springing up (Thanks to the everyone being at home probably) and I enjoyed every bit of hopping from one blog to the other binge reading like a butterfly pollinating. I felt myself slipping into the blues at some point but I guess I shook it off quickly.

  • JUNE: Paying for a phone photography class was one of my highlights for the month. I’m a frugal person (except with data) so I never subscribe for paid knowledge especially when I know it can be found on Google or YouTube. Yes guys, I do almost everything I want myself with just patience and research. I’m on the blogger/influencer/content creator lane of Instagram so it’s safe to say I’ve seen a lot of people offering photography, editing and presets class but nothing mind blowing enough to convince my ‘stingy women association‘ pockets to budge so let’s just say that this class was worth my spending 5k on. Not only did it sharpen my growing photography skills but it also fed my inner artistic eyes, it was money well spent and never regretted.

  • Trust me to put my knowledge to use when it was time to shoot pictures for the best birthday I ever had, I brought in my A-game but in planning and execution. I’ll make an entirely new post for my 2020 birthday celebration cos if you’re an OG here, you’ll know this is one of the biggest deals for me.
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  • JULY-AUGUST: Enjoyed the company of my siblings and parents, it was more of a partying time (thanks to birthdays for us). There was also a sharp decline on blogging at this time and even I had to look for some other fascinating interest. Thankfully, the lockdown was called off at this point so I dedicated my time to the growth of my totebag shop on Instagram @street.tote__, producing, taking orders and delivering, taking pictures, creating graphics, thinking up captions, generally content creating. Fun and stress mixed in its, varying proportions.

  • I also did something law-related, I entered for an essay competition; it was on an area of law that isn’t taught in my University, Intellectual Property Law but somehow I found it very fascinating and interesting to read up so when the essay competition came up, I wanted in. I really do not appreciate anything ‘competitive’ at all because of the fear of not measuring up but I’m really glad I finished this and submitted even when I felt like quitting at some point. I put all my heart into researching and writing and I rate my work a 10, I pray to win too. Pls put me in your prayers oh so I can update y’all happily.

  • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: These months came with way tooo much stress but thankfully I found ways of airing my feelings before they even thought to consume me. It was in the month of October that I really got to throw away my Nigerian political apathy and starting reading up and gaining more knowledge thanks to the #Endsars peaceful protest hosted by the Youths of Nigeria in various States. It was also this month that a lot of people around me lost their mental energy due to the decisions of the Nigerian government. I really do not want to go into details but these months struck a chord.
      • NOVEMBER- DECEMBER: I started an Adobe Photoshop/illustrator graphic class that I enjoyed but loosing my phone made things a bit difficult for me to follow through at some point. Also, thanks to my lazy ass, I’ve not yet finished my class assignment till now (No, I’m not proud).

      Lowblows or not…
      At some points in the year, I got really sick, another time even had to see a gynaecologist and have my hormone profile tests done. Then, I lost my most important sim card, also my phone crashed after the End Sars protest. Lost my WhatsApp (which was my major blog promoting app) in the process. Not long after Instagram sent me packing and deactivated both my accounts ( personal and business)…so much to process, I was literally loosing my mind.

      Gratefully, I was only able to recover my business account and opened another personal Instagram account (not posted there yet). Thank God for me! Follow me here on my totebag shop if you haven’t and here on my new personal account, you won’t regret it in the long run.

      * * *

      Dear bras, I hope you understand that I’m not running away from you all, I just sometimes get into my feelings or moods that demand that I can’t share whatever I’m feeling. Also, loosing both my phone and access to my major blog promoting app (WhatsApp) hit harder than I thought when I came to terms that a lot of you had not subscribed to my blog via email but wait on my broadcast messages and links to catch up and I didn’t have that facility anymore so it kinda wore me out.

      (On that note, subscribe here, this gives you instant notification to any new blog post I make without having to see my link or to use your WordPress reader).

      I’m excited I’ve been able to share with you a bit of what went down in my life during that period and I promise that I’ll try to not starve you my bras on here again. On that note, 2020 was such a ride but that is now a closed chapter as the fairly new year has already begun.

      Welcome to 2021 and thanks for reading! I will be back in February after my exams.Love,
      Golibe Xx

      Leave a comment and let me know what you would like me to write about or what you would like to see on the blog in 2021. Contact me via email: or Instagram: @street.tote__. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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