Plaid Blazer Fashion: SHS X Formal Affair


Welcome back my people!
I’m so excited to be writing y’all today particularly since its about SHS. Without further ado, today on Students Helping Students, we’ll be featuring the first student brand in this project and that is…*drum rolls please*

Formal Affair by BECKY PROMISE

“Although the name is quite self-explanatory, Formal Affair is a fashion house that focuses on providing elegant yet affordable male and female cooperate clothes and shoes. We aim at positively affecting the productivity of individuals by enhancing their confidence via their outlook which directly affects their productivity. Hence, we dress you for success. We provide personal shopping, styling and consultancy services, style inspiration and fashion tips.”

In Becky’s words;

I decided to create a niche for myself and focus on strictly corporate clothing because I have a special kind of love and admiration for formal outfits. My love for corporate/ formal attires can’t be explained. Invite me for a wedding and I’ll probably show up dressed formally.

I do intend to make these clothes myself at some point, but now that I’m still a student, I just want to build my brand so that I can have something to work with when I’m done. I also am aware of how much of an impact your dressing can have on your overall performance. For instance, on days that I look super chic, I feel more confident and also perform better. This is why Formal Affair is concerned not just with the clothes but also enlightening individuals on how to dress better to perform better; and at very little cost”.

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Normally, I should have been the one to give y’all an intro of the brand but Becky sold me with this finely detailed pitch and so I decided to share it just as I received it. She has won you over yeah? It would also interest you to know that Formal Affair is a registered brand under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and so you should be rest assured when shopping that you’re into something very genuine.

Outfit Details

||What I’m wearing||

Red plaid Blazer – Formal Affair

Blue Silk Scarf – Formal Affair
Oxblood Bodysuit – Random buy
Flared bottom jeans – Random buy
Jewelries – Randoms

In this look, I’m wearing a red plaid doubled breasted blazers and a silk scarf from Formal Affairs store. Can I tell you a little story before I go on? Okay.

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The beautiful thing about this buy was that it was actually my first Instagram order that got to me (i.e previously, I’ve been buying and stockpiling clothes online from particular shops but since I had not paid the delivery fee, I couldn’t see them just yet). So this is basically my first Instagram thrift store buy.

For someone like me that prefers going to the market myself for my clothing needs, my joy when I saw that this blazer was true to its picture claim was just unexplainable. I was amazed and I went on to dm the seller with my honest feedback only to find that she not only a student but in fact a law student. Cheers to the beginning of friendships!

Moving on, I have talked about my growing obsession with blazers twice on the blog and since I made the last post till now, I’ve added three blazers in different colours to my wardrobe. Ain’t you proud of me? (Insert smug face)

Anyways I’ve said all I could about why you should have a perfect blazer in your wardrobe and a different way to style it below so I’ll just dig into the details.

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For the look I pulled from Formal Affair, I was stuck between just wearing my statement blazers with my flared bottom jean and belting my blazers with a denim skirt but this one won at the end because it looked better in my head (I hardly ever test run outfits, they just have to work in my head and I’m wearing it) lol. I’ll talk about these jeans which are my fave at the moment one day in an entire blog post.

This blazer is a beautiful statement piece and there’s not a day I wear it out without receiving compliments. I love the fabric, the plaid pattern, the colour and the fit on my body. I particularly like that the collar is plain black, it just adds an odd twist.

I accessorized midway into the shoot with the silk scarf I got from them too because I felt my neck was too bare and I needed a little extra pop (and thankfully it fit). I had initially tied the scarf on my hair to lay my edges for the shoot so it wasn’t planned at all, I think my hair pulled back gave this look some I’m-ready-for-business-but-im-still-a-cutie vibes that I love so much and I topped the look with these blue sandals which I felt matched the whole colour scheme.

I got this blazer for N1500 in the FA IG store and as you can see the fit is everything (I bet you ten naira that your mouth is open now) and I got the big silk scarf for N700 because as you know I’m all about the sustainable, affordable and still bomb fashion lifestyle. I bought the jeans and bodysuit from a friend that retails in the hostel and I didn’t spend more than N2500 on both of them combined so that’s a solid deal to me.

The pictures were taken by Campiq Photography as usual and they were just unedited test shoots for a new camera (not an actual blog shoot hence the natural look and the oily glowing face).

You can purchase or view more of FA pieces here on Instagram ( The Coronavirus pandemic put most stores/brands on a lockdown at the moment but worry not, once this plague is over, I bet you, she’ll be back with more elegant statement pieces.

So guys, if you need to shop crisp formal outfit that you can pair up in different fabulous ways, Formal Affair is your plug. They are an Instagram shop and they offer Nationwide delivery or you can opt for the pickup option if you’re in Port Harcourt, they’ll definitely give you what you ordered for.

Follow and shop too. You know when you shop from a student, you are appreciating their creativity and you’re giving them stronger wings to fly on.

Thank you for reading…

What do you guys think of this look? How would you have accessorized differently to give a different feel to the outfit? I think I’m leaning towards thrifted pieces from Instagram in recent times, what do you think? I’m still open to your dms for a collaboration on the SHS project. Shoot me a mail at and your ideas. Let’s work together!

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Till next timexoxo

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19 thoughts on “Plaid Blazer Fashion: SHS X Formal Affair”

  1. My focus was just on the pieces girl!! You pulled it offff , I love that your friendship begun from there, so cute I used to say in business start it to make friends not because of your friends.

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  2. Now am beginning to think of formal wears,( affairs) . The way you dress that’s how you will be addressed…nice stunt you pulled there, partner.

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  3. I love this feature. Kudos to FA.
    Nice outfit too, Golibe. 😍 I actually would have styled the blazer with a black tube top, a black pair of plain trousers and white mules. The scarf can be tied on my hand bag (if any). Thanks!

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