Happy Birthday TCSL; 2 years Blogversary

Were you surprised when you saw ‘birthday’ and your train of thoughts was like “ah ah, I thought her birthday is in June? How many times in a year ni?” No?? Sure?? Haha. Welcome back.

So the end of the month is here and today is a big day for me, on this day, 30th November 2017 (two years ago), I started the Chic Street Lawyer by hitting the publish button on my first post so it’s actually the Chic street Lawyer’s birthday today and not actually Golibe’s own…lol.

Getting back to the event of the day, am I to talk about all my achievements these good ole blog years or all my discouragements (mostly self-imposed)? What exactly? Right now all I can say is that these two years have been thrilling, I’ve got to discover good sides of me I never knew existed and I feel so proud. Although a lot of things didn’t go as I planned or didn’t get things to work out my way, I’m still very grateful.

The birthday goal was to get at 400 subscribers before the end of the year and I think it can be done. So, support your girl, and enter your email after the comment box and do so. Gracias!

My sincere appreciation goes out to you, my blogger friends and readers for your continuous support. Thank you for all the love and strong belief when the posts were forthcoming and even when there was silence from my end, I know I don’t say this as often as I should but I rate y’all so much, I mean, what’s this blog without your views, inputs, comments…thank you’ll so much. I thank you all who have joined me on this journey, I hope I don’t let you guys down! I thank you, from the bottom of my love-filled heart. Your comments and shares are most appreciated and I wish you all the most wonderful kismet and as always, I’m sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.

Cheers to the TCSL, we are still standing strong two years after and cheers also to a new year of freshness, better words spinning, more quality posts, pictures as well as collaborations.

All my love,

Help a girl out, and answer this:

What is your favourite post on this blog and why?

Do you have any post suggestions? Any improvements you want to see?

Do me the honours!

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Till next timexoxo

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1 thought on “Happy Birthday TCSL; 2 years Blogversary”

  1. Having a favorite post on your blog is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
    Uhhmmmnnn…. Improvements???
    You get better with each posts though and I feel you’re doing really great.
    Happy Birthday TCSL😘❤🌹….. I’m so ready to get my mind blown over and over.


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