The 5 || How’s to earn money from your wardrobe

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Collecting clothes is a thing for fashion forward girls and boys but what happens when you’ve gotten so much clothes there’s no space left to put new ones or even to search for and wear the old ones? What happens then? What do you do?

Think Declutter! Declutter means to dejunk your wardrobe or your room so as to get rid of clothes you no longer wear; this should be done all the time because lack of space in your wardrobe or box gives you limited styling options as you just wear certain clothes that are within your eye range daily.

I’ll really want you to try decluttering your wardrobe as it helps you get to know what clothes you have, which could be paired with what, which you haven’t worn in a year, which has a big mold stain in the underarm. You’ll only gain knowledge of this when you declutter. I’m here to teach you what next to do to your wardrobe after decluttering, how you can earn money from a decluttered wardrobe.


1) Sell off your clothes

At times, we don’t wear half of the clothes in our wardrobe basically because of size, colour, design or maybe even the emotional attachment to that piece of clothing. And because we are fashion students, we will never stop shopping for new clothes hence making our wardrobe/closet run over with clothes. Instead of leaving that cloth, bag or shoe that you no longer wear or that no longer fits or you won’t wear for more than a year to rot at home, you can sell it off and make money. How?

You could start by opening an Instagram shop for your clothes sales, is that too complex? No worries, try putting them up for sale on your I.g stories or WhatsApp status (take a decent picture of the items with a brief description and put up), you could also set up an advert placement on or other shopping sites or finally, even by words of the mouth you can sell off your old stuff i.e mentioning it to a friend who tells some other person etc. Yard sale, garage sale or warehouse sale (lol) are terms used daily for selling out stuff. They are conducted for selling off clothes in form of auction.

For real, others are waiting to put new things in their closets and so you’ll be making fast cash in no time from this. A practical way to do this is to sell your high quality stock to the wardrobe merchant, a store on Instagram @wardrobemerchant which sells decluttered clothing materials.

2) Rent out your expensive clothes

We all have clothes that we hold certain attachments to either on the basis of the occasion where we got the cloth, or who got the clothes for us or how highly priced the cloth is. It’s rather interesting the fact that we wear these clothes once in a blue moon or at times we don’t ever wear them again and all they do is occupy space.
The solution to this is renting your clothes out, more preferred if they are dresses, they could be used for dinners, runways, owambes elaborate celebration and even photoshoots and the renters leave you with a good sum of money after each use. According to my mum, before the cloth finally dies, you would have gotten back the money that was spent in its purchase.

3) Become a Costumier

Having a lot of seemingly useless outfits can come as an advantage in times like this where you can provide necessary outfits for people and their different functions from your wardrobe. You could become a personal stylist and costumier for models, thespians, etc. This could also add some extra dough to your pocket.

4) Recycle old clothes into other items for sale

DIYs are so in right now, everybody wants to know and/or read how an item was made from a different cloth. So this is a total catchy package, you could learn how to recycle your clothes from DIY manias like Demi Akin, Ifeoma Amadi, By Tonye, Miralabelle etc. Ugly leather shoes could be turned to pretty Ankara shoes, old t-shirts could be turned to handbags and you put them out for sale.

5) Become a Fashion Blogger

Too much clothes is never a thing for fashion bloggers as that usually inspires creativity and better styling. Tell stories with the clothes you put on and with time, your love for fashion would start paying off.

So, you have it, five solid ways to earn money from your wardrobe. I hope you’ll start making rather solid plans to earn money and if you’ve already started, what’s your go-to plan. Leave me a response in the comment. Gracias.
*All images were found on Pinterest and are not owned by me*

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