Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric

It’s notably a fact that a lot of student bloggers blame their inconsistency on school work. School work is alarming especially in Nigerian Universities where everything just has to be so stressful including learning.

Anyway, like I said HERE, I usually marvel when I see bloggers/ students of some very serious ass overhyped courses like medicine, law, etc consistently take their time to develop excellent content.

This is the reason for this post, I asked some great bloggers/law students who are good at their blogging game and somehow manage to keep their academics at a balance level. I too have plans in upping my game and so I’ll be learning a lot too.

Initially, this feature of six bloggers was supposed to be a single post but trust law students and long notes, I have to make each feature a single post that would run weekly so it won’t be tiring to read for those that aren’t a fan of long writings.

Today, we are having Favour of Girleccentric. So come on let’s see what she has to say; shall we ?

Why did you start blogging?

My blog is a lifestyle and fashion blog. My major desire is to be a fashion designer and stylist, to teach fashion and someday own a fashion complex. Then I stumbled upon the likes of Cassie Daves and the Retroreligion, and decided a blog would work as a good platform to begin with, while working towards achieving my goals.

I launched my blog on my 16th birthday, did my first post that day too. I teach fashion and fashion designing, share personal style looks and inspiration, while also sharing my views and other loves.

Your challenges with blogging as a law student

The major challenge I’ve faced with blogging as a law student is consistency and getting my priorities straight. There were times when I put my blog on hold because of school work. At the early stages of my blogging, I was very inconsistent until I decided to do a reformation of sorts.

When it came to priorities — don’t get me wrong, I know where my priorities lie — I knew what was more important to me, but the challenge was doing the most important first on a daily basis. I tend to leave my school work until the last minute, but put more time into social media and blogging. The terrible network service we get in this school also adds fuel to the fire. One can go a whole day without access to the internet.

Also, I’m a fashion blogger, only Sundays I get to play dress up. Monday through Friday I’m in white and black, so that means less personal style inspiration for me. No problem though, I’m putting up a series for Law students’ fashion soon (Subscribe so you don’t miss out)

How do you beat these challenges or cope with them?

I have a routine. I’m a very methodical person. I have lists for everything and an alarm or reminder for everything too. I tend to forget what I’m meant to do, when I’m focused on some other thing, so I need a constant reminder of what to do next. I set alarms for almost everything on a daily. As soon as I remember something I’m meant to do, and I want to do it at some other time, I’m putting up an alarm for it, no matter how little the time interval may be because it takes me just a second to forget something. I have an alarm to wake up, read, check my blog, eat and sleep …yes sleep. I might end up checking my phone through out the night, which would affect my tomorrow’s routine.

I also take advantage of public and short holidays to catch up on school work too. I use the mornings of my weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) to catch up on lost blog time (network is best early morning), I have a much needed rest in the afternoon, then at night or when I wake up and have dinner or late lunch, I read. While during the week, I ensure I do the necessary school assignments and normal check up on my blog and social media, and try to read as much as I can, but weekends are my main reading days.

As for the fashion aspect, I post only two personal style posts in a month. I always make sure to take pictures on Sundays, and maybe any other day. I source for the rest of my posts from other people’s outfits, I give fashion tips and inspiration, and teach fashion designing, coupled with lifestyle posts too.

How well is your routine working for you?

Somewhat good enough. I still have challenges here and there, but it pulls me through, backed up with prayer too. I try to try, but I’m yet to give it my best.

How do you manage to stay consistent and inspired?

Get a blog planner people! Or make one. Lists, planning and discipline is all it takes. Before I resumed school, I made a list of posts in my DIY blog planner, which I scheduled for two months plus, and more, depending on how far my creativity takes me. At the beginning of each month, I may make some changes and schedule the posts to particular dates that I’m comfortable with. I also schedule instagram posts as my Instagram is my most active social media platform.

Immediately a potential post crosses my mind, I write it on my phone notes, or my blog planner, along with the outline of the post. I then schedule the post.
I get inspiration from my day-to-day activities, conversations with friends, events, other blogs, thoughts, and of course… my wardrobe.

Are more law students needed in the blogging community? Why or Why not?

I think a lot of law students I know have blogs. Personally, I feel the decision to venture into blogging is not dependent on one’s career or academic field of study. I say if you have a passion for it, then give it a shot. If you have a message you want to share with the world, if you can keep up with the technicalities and the ‘once in a while’ frustrations of blogging, then go for it.

I believe the reason law students are focused on more is because our field deals with reading and writing. I would advise a law student to write and read regularly, whether it’s an article, poem, or short story. If a blog would help them do that, then that’s fine. But don’t go into blogging just because you’re a law student because blogging is more than just good content.

I hope you enjoyed this post cos I did and I relate verbatim to the challenges listed she listed, but I hope to work things out now And thanks for reading.

Till next time…xoxo

16 thoughts on “Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric”

  1. I read girleccentric too! I guess everyone knows everyone.
    A lot of female Nigerian WP bloggers I know are law students.
    I enjoyed reading this.😊


  2. Love the idea of featuring a blogger each week! Loved reading the interview, I really felt like I got to know Favour! Will definitely be checking out her blog! So curious to see who’s next! And of course, congratulations on your award 🙂 Well-deserved

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for the feature love 🤗
    Speaking of life as a law student blogger, all through this week has been tests, coupled with dinner preparations 😪
    God is helping us all.
    Sorry for the delayed response though… I’m still battling with my whatsapp to work.
    Thanks again. I’m curious to see who’s next.

    Liked by 1 person

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