13+1 Top Sources of Fashion and Style Inspiration

Style, Fashion and Trends are popular words everywhere in the space of recent times, they almost always go together though they have peculiarly different meanings. Style is personal whereas fashion is universal. Trends though are evidence of an evolution in fashion. Due to this dynamic nature of fashion, you need to stay updated all the time.

We know you are very creative, and can come off with unique style tips that keeps you trendy and stylish all the time but sometimes you just need a little touch of inspiration to set you on course. At one point or another, your regular style or your full closet may look drab to you and you need a way forward. This inspiration is needed so that in moments like that, you would be able to continuously style your outfits creatively.

With the rate of fashion enthusiasts and stylish people presently, it’s not usually hard to come by a new trend or inspiration. Getting fashion inspiration from different sources keeps you updated on what is in vogue, and makes you more creative because seeing other people’s looks would help incite a new dose of creativity which you can inculcate in your personal style so you could look ‘peng’ all the time. So you see, you need to be inspired all the time!

I made a great list of people and places that could source for your fashion and style inspiration. And because I’m quite known for talk-writing too much, this is a very detailed post.


Musicians are truly one of the driving forces in the world of fashion and trends, this is because of their daring nature to experiment with fashion and clothes. There are a handful of musicians whose styles are just too eccentric for everyday wear but they still breakthrough in the haute fashion world.

Grace Alex


Fashion blogs are a brilliant way to start your journey for style inspiration and stalking fashion bloggers is so in. These set of people are known to be trendsetters and they rock trends as well.

There are so many fashion bloggers in the space right now and so finding a few that really represent your own style should not be too hard. You just need to spend a few hours looking through their content and getting inspired by how they style particular pieces and trends.

You’ll be able to see the latest trends as well as how to instill your personal style when rocking said trends. Also ideas could be gotten from them which could be used to hunt for something similar to the ones they styled which you loved.

They also tend to bring the trends closer to those that have no access to following celebrities and they are usually relatable as they style functional clothes and blend several outfit looks; casual, church wear, office wear etc together seamlessly and still look incredible. They even leave links of where purchase of clothing items are made just incase you might want to purchase.


One of the best sources for fashion inspiration is celebrities and stars. Whether they’re dressed casually or in HauteCouture on the red carpet, you’re sure to gain a thing or two. Rihanna, Kim K are examples of stars who are boss-babes when it comes to serving us new looks and trends. They are original and are known to be trend setters. They give others the opportunity to restyle their personal style. Of course not all will appeal to you but you are sure to get a fresh idea.



These are classic go-tos for the latest trends and styling tips. Because of the essentiality of fashion and style in recent times, magazines always give us daily to weekly dose of inspiration. It’s a plus also that most magazines are now on the web so you could get your fashion fix for free. Several look books, info on fashionistas and fashion guides are made on magazines and so this serves as a great place to get style inspiration from.


Check out fashion and trends in the town or city where you reside as there are likely plenty of fashion forward residents in OR around your ambience. Wondering how to do that? Observe around you, what kind, designs and style of clothes are in the markets, in boutiques, are women around you wearing? Ruffles, fannypak, exaggerated sleeves are more popular ? Then those are trending!


This app is such a essential portal for fashion inspiration. All you need do is go online and follow your favorite fashionistas to be notified of their latest styles once they upload them. Looking for creative style addicts to follow, Instagram now makes it easier for you to find such people….. Who’s bothered about a follow back when their fashion could inspire you. This is a great way to enhance your creativity. Fashion-related apps like Pinterest and Tumblr are also great ways of broadening your styling horizon.



Everyone has a friend or two who is enthusiastic about fashion and loves everything that there is to it and is usually very stylish. It is very easy to look up to those friends for fashion inspiration, you could even ask them for help in any fashion question or confusion as the case maybe as they are ever ready to put you through your fashion distress and also answer the questions you have. These friends are also great shopping companions as they have eyes for very unique pieces. The value of such friends is immeasurable.


Several movies we’ve seen are good sources of style inspiration. From retro looks to preppy fashion to vintage inspired fashion, classic movies help give us a sense of imagination to try something new.


One of the best ways to get style and fashion inspiration is to watch what is trending on fashion retail stores. Look at your favorite online stores and see what their newest arrivals are like. Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don’t, but you will be in the know of the new trends. The ‘New In’ section of most online retail store show the latest styles of the season and so you could go there for inspiration. Most retailers have a category dedicated to fashion inspiration. This maybe will be filled with ways-to-wear advice pieces, a run down of styles for the season. It is a really useful way to find out which styles are newest and most coveted in the fashion industry.



Some books especially novels inspire in terms of fashion and style. Reading about a particular character’s style or dress for the prom or even a date can help create an imagination that brings sketches to reality.


Personally I’m not a fan of Fashion shows cos I think a lot is going on with their costumes but there is no denying to the fact that they are a great source of creativity in fashion. On the runway, new trends are introduced and showcased during the catwalks, one may as well get more look books to styling a particular trend there.


Stylish websites offer the most up-to-date fashion news and trends spotted. They are usually updated several times throughout the day and could be easily accessed through emails. They are also interactive as the comment zone leaves room for other people seeking fashion inspiration to leave their opinions about certain trends and styling tips too which could be of great help to others. Some fashion websites include madivas, Italian school of Fashion, stylecaster.


Having an experienced virtual stylist style you for a price and pick out new outfits, shows, accessories for you or just help you style items you already own in your closet; all done virtually. This could be done on a website/app called Wishi. This breaks the stereotype of only popular musicians or topnotch actors getting styled but now has it that everyday regular women and men as well can get styled according to your budget, body type and style. This is not yet a popular source of style inspiration but it will soon.


*And a bonus one for the girls


Yass! Guys that take slayage to another level does it for us (females). A lot of trends could be overtaken from our male counterparts and rerocked and restyle in the best way possible. They too are a great source for fashion inspiration.
Each of these people/places are a great way to broaden your stylistic views which would help you see your wardrobe with a fresh eye and a little more creativity. You don’t need to wear trends to be fashionable, you could follow them to be inspired by them after which you translate into your personal style. With these sources, you can get the best looks for your self.

Cassie Daves

Till next time… Xoxo

Which of these are your go-to sources of inspiration? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe above or below as the case may be…lol and Yasss… Share too, I’d appreciate that. Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “13+1 Top Sources of Fashion and Style Inspiration”

  1. I think almost all nigerian fashion enthusiasts love Grace Alex’s style.
    I love it too but I am too lazy to keep up with the business of looking like I just stepped out of a magazine on a daily basis.

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    1. But Grace doesn’t look like she stepped out of a magazine now…OK, maybe a vintage chic magazine 😂😂😂.
      Durrh, what’s there not to love, she’s classy, not into high-end fashion and very stylish.
      So whatever Sims, We both love her and she’s my bestest😂

      Gerraway with ya laziness 😘

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